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Has VA Really Reduced The Claims Backlog?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) proudly advertises that the disability claims backlog is now under control.  Under Secretary for Benefits Alison Hickey has stated categorically that VA’s goal is to eliminate the claims backlog by the end of 2015 – “meaning all Veterans will receive timely and accurate decisions on their disability claims.”

How is this miracle possible?  The answer is, it’s not possible.  VA is not offering timely and accurate decisions on disability claims.  Here is how they are really addressing the claims backlog: Continue reading

Count to 10!

Count to 10!

1. Don’t Make a Claim.  Ever.  This is probably the most common way Veterans miss benefits to which they are entitled.  The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will not contact you with information about how to claim benefits.  No one will pass along your service information to VA.  The entire burden of asserting a claim and initiating the benefits process rests entirely on you.

The sad fact is that VA is not responsible for any disability you have – if you do not make a claim.  Bottom line?  No claim = no benefits.  Even worse, benefits only start counting from the time you file a claim!  So – waiting to file a claim for benefits only means you and your dependents will receive LESS.  You will not receive back pay worth millions if you wait 20 years to file your claim.  You’ll only have lost out on all those benefits. Continue reading

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