Tenants Security Deposit and Not supplying the Landlord with a Forwarding address

Texas Property Code §92.107 requires a tenant provide a forwarding address “for the purpose of refunding the security deposit.”

So what happens if a tenant fails to provide a forwarding address to the landlord? First, “the landlord is not obligated to return the tenant’s security deposit or provide the description of damages and charges until the tenant gives the landlord a written statement of the tenants forwarding address…”

Therefore, a tenant who fails to provide their forwarding address hurts themselves. Secondly, the tenants right to the security deposit is not forfeited, however, the landlord has no obligation to return the security deposit or provide the description of damages until he has the written “statement of the tenant’s forwarding address.”

A tenant who owes back rent should never attempt to withhold payment of the last month’s rent and tell the landlord to apply the security deposit as rent for the last month. There are severe penalties for this action. https://www.militaryveteranlawyer.com/2010/02/can_you_use_your_security_depo.html

Once in address is provided the landlord has 30 days to provide the return of the security deposit and/or “written description and itemization of deductions.”

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