Benefits for Disabled Texas Veterans – – Disabled Veteran Vehicle License Plates

A benefit for disabled Texas veterans is the Disabled Veteran license plate.

Texas veterans who are rated and received monthly compensation, and are:
• 40% service-connected due to a lower limb amputation; or • rated with a 50% service-connected disability by the VA;
may receive a disabled veteran license plate for a nominal fee of $3.

Additional vehicles pay the normal fees.

• Fill out VTR-615 (State of Texas), and either use a certified letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs certifying your disability percentage, or have a VA representative sign and certify your qualifications on the VTR-615. To find the fill-able form online go to

• The State of Texas helps their disabled veterans. First the license registration fees are minimal or free. Secondly, this disabled veteran license plate also provides EZ-Tag usage with no fees once the EZ-Tag pass and license are registered with the EZ-Tag office.

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