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Tree TrimmerMany Texans think that home-improvement scams are a summer issue.  That’s when someone might show up at your door telling you they can fix your cracked driveway or your leaking gutters.  Sadly, scammers work 365 days of the year. And, while they especially like to victimize the elderly, anyone can fall prey to their unscrupulous actions.

What a Drive-By Scam Looks Like

A common scenario is the following.  A respectable looking construction guy knocks on your door.  He explains that he’s just completed a paving job in your neighborhood.  Since he has leftover materials and is here anyway, he’s offering you a one-time good deal on driveway repair.  It’s that or take a loss on the materials.  That’s why, he says, he’s able to offer you such a great rate.  The guy’s story makes sense: you’d probably do the same yourself in his situation.  Plus, you are excited at getting a good deal on a repair you know has to be made sometime.  You say, “Go for it!” Continue reading

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