Robert B. Goss Designated “Master Advocate” by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy

RBGThe National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA) has designated Bob Goss (pictured at right) as an NITA “Master Advocate.”  The Master Advocate award represents serious commitment to trial advocacy and requires completion of at least five intensive NITA trial-advocacy programs.

Why You Need a Trial Advocate

NTA c0b5719c-cd0a-4395-a93b-1b04c60f4d81As a landlord or a tenant, you want an advocate who understands your rights.  As a consumer in Texas, you want justice if you’ve been the subject of a deceptive trade practice.  No matter what your legal issue, you want an advocate who will represent you zealously.  You need an advocate who is both your counselor and your ally. Experience is important, of course.  But also look for indications that your trial advocate keeps up with the latest advances in the law, art, and science of trial advocacy.  Intensive training, such as that leading to NITA’s “Master Advocate” award, is one indicator that your advocate has the latest skills necessary to represent you when it matters most.

Understanding the Difference Between a Trial Advocate and a Litigator

Most practicing attorneys are litigators.  They handle legal issues in dispute.  But not all litigators are trial advocates.  What’s the difference?  Courtroom experience.  Many attorneys go their entire careers without ever having to say a word to a judge.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  But, as common sense suggests, there is a huge experience difference between handling legal matters by writing papers for a file and winning cases by thinking on your feet in front of a judge.  Handling disputes that go to trial offers practical advocacy experience.   So, if your issue requires one or more court appearances, you want an attorney who has real-world trial experience and expertise.  And, if it’s you who has to give testimony or otherwise appear in court, you definitely want an attorney who is experienced in courtroom practice and procedure.

What a Trial Advocate Can Do For You

If your legal matter leads to a trial – or even a court appearance – you want confidence in your attorney.  An attorney who is also a trial advocate has the court-room experience and training to zealously represent your side of the story.  Bob Goss, founder of the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C., has devoted his practice to helping U.S. Veterans and Texans, both outside and inside the courtroom.


Do you have a question about Veterans Benefits?  Concerned that you may be the victim of a deceptive trade practice?  If you have questions, there’s good news.  By taking prompt, early action, you are in the best position to maintain or improve your legal situation.  DON’T WAIT.  Contact the Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. today for your FREE consultation.


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