How to ensure you Will lose your claim for VA disability benefits

First, fail to make a claim for a benefit. The VA is not responsible for any disability that you may have if you do not make a claim. No claim = no benefits. And no not filing a claim will not allow you to get 50 years of back pay worth millions as you were injured in Korea and have waited 50 years to file the claim.

To make a claim go to;EBEN_JSESSIONID=m1SvSLWJhPpWCm63hzmvhJpNgkTKvHGN2Cy955KbJ9SR2TnhDjTy!740092564!2104263516?_nfpb=true&_nfxr=false&_pageLabel=Apply and fill out a VA Form 526 (click apply for benefits), then click on Apply for Veterans Benefits at

Second, ignore any VA requests for information and only send back responses telling the VA how stupid they are. Yes people do this, and then expect the VA employee to help them.

Be respectful, you are the expert in your case, and you know or should know where the disability occurred. You may be the key to proving the disability. Just like in a Civil Court matter evidence is required. You must make sure your claims are supported by evidence. Attorneys know how to gather evidence and support claims with evidence.

Third, count on the VA to gather all information regarding your disability.

Fourth, do not answer C&P examiners questions. Do Correct any false statements made during the C&P examination by the VA or QTC examiner.

Fifth, fake the severity of the injury during the exam. Once you become not credible the VA can deny your claim.

Sixth, miss your C&P or other VA examinations. The VA by regulations is authorized to deny any claim where the veteran misses an examination.

I have written this article to point out mistakes veterans make in applying for VA benefits. Some veterans have been told or use the above errors as their approach to obtaining VA benefits. Honesty and working on your case with your attorney is the best way to win your claims.

The Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C. is available to assist you with you VA disability claims If you have filed a claim for VA disability benefits, and denied those benefits, and first filed a notice of disagreement on or after June 20, 2007, and your claim is still on appeal. Please contact our office for assistance with obtaining your VA Benefits at

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