A salute to Spc. Hickman and all those who gave All

A month or so ago I asked people to say prayers for the family and soul of Specialist David E. Hickman.

He was in my son’s Brigade.

While paid protesters “Occupied” places and received millions of dollars in contributions, Specialist David E. Hickman chose a more courageous path. He volunteered and enlisted in the United States Army. He volunteered and became a paratrooper.

A paratrooper is a special breed, a man willing to step out of an aircraft to flank the enemy from the air. He is a person who is airborne infantry.

I believe in air power https://www.attorneyforveterans.com/lawyer-attorney-1322764.html, I believe you kill the enemy before they engage our land troops. But I realize we need men on the ground to win and control the battlefield. Men Like Spc. Hickman, all the men in the 82nd Airborne, and all the men and women in the military. Our military volunteers protect all U.S. citizens, our allies, and even our enemies “rights.”

This tribute links to a great article on Spc. Hickman, USA, and others who gave All. http://m.yahoo.com/w/news_america/nc-soldier-23-last-us-troop-killed-iraq-145741944.html?orig_host_hdr=news.yahoo.com&.intl=us&.lang=en-us

God Bless those who gave ALL and their families. Thank you, you are in our prayers.

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