VA PSA by Gary Sinise

Suicide is not the answer, according to this clip. Unfortunately, many wounded and disabled veterans carry the burden of depression, loneliness, fear of the unknown future, and just want to give up. I understand all too well.

For the disabled veteran their world has turned upside down. They were active, strong, and had the future. Depending on the injury, event or disease that changed the veteran’s life, the hope may be gone.

For me I sought counseling on how to deal with my loss and also how to deal with how people treated me now. I just recently went through a devastating loss when a fiancé left when she saw my vision during a low vision eye exam. I turned to counseling to find hope.

Coping is hard. Not losing hope is harder. First I have the vision challenge, the adaptations to my limits, then the issues with social functioning because of my disability.

I try to think about all the military people who have given their lives, and wish they had the opportunity I have been given to live. Then I think of the good thing that happened today. I have learned to ask “What was the best part of your day?” Maybe it is sunny and feels good on my skin or maybe it is raining and the plants are drinking. Maybe it is listening to the kids play or just sit near me.

I think of how God is good. I think of what Pope John Paul II stated when asked by parents of terminally ill children why their child? He replied why not, and the other people will watch how you handle the situation. For me this reminds me I am glad I was the one hurt and I am glad others were not hurt.

It gives me hope again to think that my disability has given me a new opportunity. I can help veterans with their disability claims. I ask you to find your hope and new future.

None of this, however, will be possible if suicide becomes the answer. If you know someone hurting spend time with them, make sure they are OK. Just be with them, be kind.

I hope this helps, suicide is not the way out. Let us disabled veterans show our nation how we handle our disabilities and continue to help protect those who have not served.

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