Texas Landlord-Tenant Law: Retaliation by a Landlord From The Texas Property Code

A landlord may not retaliate or attempt to punish a tenant who attempts to exercise “a right or remedy granted to the tenant by ‘by lease, municipal ordinance, or federal or state statute.” Texas Property Code §92.331(a)(1).

Additionally a landlord may not retaliate if he can’t request a repair to the property or attempts to “exercise a remedy” under the Texas Property Code, Residential Tenancies, Chapter 92. Furthermore a landlord may not retaliate if the tenant request a government entity, public utility, “or a civic or nonprofit agency” to enforce a building or housing code.

The Texas Property Code §92.331(b) states a landlord within “6 months after the date of the tenant’s actions” cannot:
1. evict;
2. deprive use of the premises;
3. decrease services to the tenant;
4. to increase rent or terminate the tenant’s lease; or 5. engaging in bad faith, in a course of conduct that materially interferes with the tenant’s rights under the lease.

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