Review of Medical Records — Why you should Hire an Attorney for your VA benefits Claims

Handling of Medical Records
The attorneys and the Firms experienced staff go through each and every page to determine what medical evidence will support the veteran’s claim in accordance with Federal Veterans Laws Rules and Regulations. My Firm and many other attorneys’ offices, employ medical professionals to do an independent chart review to determine if the standard of care for the veteran is in accordance with treatment provided to the veteran. Our clients are also referred to independent medical doctors and psychiatrist who evaluate the totality of the veteran’s medical record.

Only a medical professional may make a medical opinion. Even though you may understand what disease or injury caused your disability, in most cases an opinion only becomes evidence when rendered by a medical professional.

Not every claim can be supported by a medical professional’s opinion. The medical professionals we utilize our professionals, thereby if a veteran has medical evidence it is documented. If the veteran does not have a claim supported by their medical records the firm informs the veteran. If it is possible to send the veteran to a physician, the firm informs a veteran of this in order to document the medical disability the veteran is currently facing and to get the veteran treated.

This evidence normally means medical evidence. Attorneys know what evidence is required to prove a claim. Attorneys also know how to use evidence from medical professional’s statements and opinions contained in the veteran’s medical records. An attorney will NOT fabricate a medical malady to help you improve your claim. Quite the contrary, an attorney’s integrity and professional requirements with the court system requires the attorney only presents evidence that is truthful. This level of integrity helps you in a court.

Relying upon the VA medical centers or QTC to provide you an accurate medical evaluation is once again relying upon extremely busy and overworked human beings to provide you the medical reports and evidence required to prove your claim. An attorney who understands VA laws, rules, and regulations is your best choice for proving your claim for VA benefits after you have sent in your Notice of Disagreement.

Proper development and presentation of evidence is critical to prove your claim before the VA Decision Review Officer, BVA, or the Court. Having an independent medical doctor perform an independent chart review provides the medical professional the ability to render an opinion on any of the VA medical or QTC medical personnel statements contained in a veterans claim folder.

This Firm tells our clients point-blank the firm will not present any frivolous or fictitious claims. By the attorney understanding the laws and the rules the courts will ultimately apply to your claim, hiring an attorney as soon as you have received your initial VA decision that you disagree with makes sense. When your claim is still at the VARO is the time to correct the record and point out to the VA the evidence that supports your claim. The attorney can direct you to medical professionals who may start documenting your disabilities, and presenting their reports as evidence supporting your claim.

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