Remember those who served — Today is the Anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944

I wanted to thank all the World War II veterans, their families, and those who lived in that horrible time of W.W. II, THANK YOU FOR SERVING.

I want to thank my Uncle, Peter Maisenbach, who fought as a U.S. Army soldier. Uncle Pete fought and survived the Battle of the Bulge, if my memory serves me well. My Uncle talked to me when I was enlisting into the USAF out of Texas A&M.

My Uncles Dale and Albert Goss also served, and I thank each of them. Uncle Dale ended up in Guam sometime, and Uncle Albert eventually went on to serve many years at Rutger’s University as a Professor and Dean.

My Uncle Pete was a quiet man I loved dearly. When he learned I was going to enlist, his point to me was the military was required to protect the nation and other nation’s people. But the undertone was bad things happen in war.

Now having been to war, serving almost 21 years, now a disabled veteran myself, and helping veteran’s with their VA claims. I bet my Uncle saw horrible things. I do not know if he ever needed help or received help.

Today you do not have to handle things by yourself.

As I started, I want to thank those who served in W.W. II, and remember those who gave it their all on D-Day. Operation Overlord was the military operation to liberate Europe beginning with the risky and dangerous amphibious and airborne assault in France. I also want those who are serving today or those who served previously to know help is available to you.

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