Necessary Upgrade to the B-52

The majority of clients of The Law Office of Robert B. Goss, P.C., are veterans. Veterans enlisted and served to protect America, and our allies.

Veterans and service-members know freedom and liberty are NOT free. Service members who protect the nation need modern weapons to protect the country and those who assume no harm will ever come to the U,S.

The USAF has launched another moderination program for the workhorse B-52. Those who oppose it do so for their gain. The arguments I have read against this upgrade program ring selfish to me. Every opposing post I have read essentially stated this was a waste of money we could better use to support [fill in the blank for a social welfare program].

The same Congressmen and women who refuse to fully pay veteran’s TRICARE, want to give free healthcare to people who won’t work. And use these funding issues to fight for their social programs.

Well try fully supporting Veterans who seek their VA benefits, fully fund TRICARE for military retirees. Why are retired veterans forgotten and not treated equally as any congressional staffer, or other person here in the United States?

I wish all people in the world woke up every day with health, wealth, food, shelter, and love in their lives. Unfortunately neither people nor animals are non-violent. Protection of freedom comes with a cost. One such requirement and cost is weapon upgrades.

Here is the DoD B-52 upgrades:

Thank you veterans and active duty members for doing more to give and serve than 99% of the country.

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