Chronicity and Continuity for service-connected VA disability benefits nexus (connection)

Chronicity and Continuity
Chronicity is established when the disability has been present since the in-service disease, injury, or event occurred. In other words, you have had this residual condition to one degree or another since the disability occurred and leaving active duty.

The second element to prove a nexus is continuity. Continuity means you have been receiving treatment for the condition since leaving active duty. In the absence of clear evidence of continuity and chronicity, the VA may order an opinion examination and ask the examiner to determine if the current disability is “at least as likely as not” related to the in-service disease, injury, or event.

This statement of “at least as likely as not” opinion is then used by the VA to establish the nexus, or connection between the in-service illness/injury exists in order to grant entitlement to the service connected disability. Again, when and how the VA determines whether a nexus opinion is required will be discussed in a later blog.

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