Attorney Accountability — Why you should Hire an Attorney to represent you with a VA Benefits Claim

Attorneys Accountability
VSOs are not accountable, if they miss a deadline or fail to handle your claim in a professional and thorough manner your claim and remedies against the VSO are very limited. Your VA benefits claim on the other hand may have lost its effective date, which will cost you money the VA would have paid should you win your appeal.

Thinking about your military training, you are taught the basics and then the advanced tactics to perform your Mission. Of course you can handle your VA claim by yourself, with a VSO, or an attorney. But do you have the advance skills to know and handle all the legal and medical issues? As the adage states “a person who represents himself has hired a fool.” The reason for this is it is very hard to be objective when you are representing yourself. An attorney on the other hand, is trained to be objective and present your evidence in a manner best supporting your claim.

Having an advocate who understands veteran laws, rules, and regulations is imperative to win a VA appeal. An attorney and law firm experienced in Veteran Law is a tremendous asset in your arsenal to win a VA benefits claim.

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