179 Years ago Today, the Alamo and all of the Defenders Fell

Today, the Alamo fell to the Mexican Army under the command of General Santa Ana.

After holding off a far numerically superior army for 13 days the final assault began shortly after midnight. Using darkness and a calm the Mexican army crept close to the Alamo, and at approximately 0530 began the final assault. By 0630 all the Texican forces, defenders of liberty were dead.

The Texas defenders and Army, however, won the war 6 weeks later as Gen. Sam Houston defeated Gen. Santa Ana and his army at San Jacinto, TX.

All Texans know of the Alamo, and the bravery of the men and women in the Alamo. Those same principles of bravery, service to others, and patriotism live on in today’s men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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All of us here wish to say God Speed and prayers are with you and your family to:
Mr. Ben Liano, USN Rev. Don Davitz, USAF
You will be missed, and I thank you for your service, dedication, love of the U.S. and your sacrifice. Bob

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